EasyAds Services for bol.com

Bolfeed is a label of EasyAds. We provide Services (set-ups, settings and management) on your marketing automation. We do this with the tooling of Channable, market leader in this field. Besides technical management, we can also help you with Marketplace Management (content, sponsored products, repricing) for bol.com .

What we do

We help customers sell their products quickly and cost-effectively without having to turn the knobs themselves. Online selling has become over the years, the foundation. With that, it is important that marketing automation software is properly set up and maintained. Check out the Services and subscriptions on EasyAds.


EasyAds is the largest partner of Channable - market leader of e-commerce tools - which is the technical base for EasyAds customers. Because of this, the possibilities are unlimited for EasyAds customers. There are Tool Services available that relieve our customers, as well as Full-service Management for managing large channels.

Bolfeed opportunities for bol.com