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Is your customer on and do you want an optimised and profitable campaign managed by a pro? For a 'normal' price? Then you have come to the right place.

Marketplace Management for

Bolfeed wants to do business together with its customers. That is why we have launched Marketplace Management. This means that we with our knowledge and skills, and you with the business, we are stronger together at We the technology and the management, you the business. Doing business together.

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The technology

With Bolfeed it is possible to automatically import, optimise and sell your products on This innovative software is constantly maintained and further developed by a team of IT specialists. Our software is therefore also available to webshops that want to sell on . This means that it is possible to make use of the following features: API connection with your sales account, connection with your own webshop/ERP, automation of supply and orders, (semi) automatic placement of new products and technical set-up and configuration of sales account.

Bolfeed outsourcing

  • Maximum result as starting point (profit and turnover)
  • Monthly reporting on progress and results
  • Coaching in the area of performance and service standards
  • Contact helpdesk
  • Technical connection and setup account(s)
  • Plan of approach based on product selection, pricing and sponsored products
  • Product and price optimisation for the buy-box
  • Content optimisation based on "weak" or "unknown" status
  • Available countries: NL, BE
  • Available from the Bolfeed Complete account
  • From € 250,- per month
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